Thursday, February 18, 2010

Carlijn and the promises of dance therapy

Recently, my friend Daan Beekers and his friend, Carlijn, visited me. (See picture to your left). They were my first guests in the Netherlands. During the introductions, Carlijn told me that she was training to be a dance therapist. I was intrigued. Carlijn told me the numerous ways in which dance therapy can heal our hurting world. Dance therapy can be used to help people who have been traumatised and those having different forms of psychiatric disorders including fear and depression. Her mention of disorders reminded me of the observation by Mrs Farida Waziri, the current boss of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Nigeria. Mrs Waziri had observed that many political office holders in Nigeria had psychiatric disorders, madness. In her words: “... we have observed people amassing public wealth to a point suggesting madness or some form of obsessive-compulsive psychiatric disorder”. Then she recommended “that public office holders should be subjected to some form of psychiatric evaluation to determine their suitability for public office” (See Daily Trust, October 8, 2009; page 64). Nigerians need people with the training and passion of Carlijn. This is because of the growing list of traumatised people (Jos, Maiduguri, Bauchi religous riots; kidnappers everywhere), and also because of the growing list of politicians who, according to Farida, steal as if (or because) they are deranged). I did an article on this which may be published in a Nigerian newspaper soon.

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'Wale Oni said...

Mrs Farida Waziri's opinion and Dr. OJ's observation are quite right. Most Nigerian politicians and public office holders are deranged and need psychaitric therapy. I am convinced that our system of government in Nigeria (democracy [sic]) is equally a problem as it runs parallel to what we Nigerians and by extension Africans are used to, thus they tend to interpret the system inherently from the mindset of monarchical system where a king is answerable to no one; next to God, most wealthy around (by any means), commander in chief and alpha & omega. His wives and children of course must be 'powerful' and not necessarily be influential. The lexeme IJOBA (meaning an act of ruling through monarchy) rather than ISELU (meaning ruling system) lends credence to my claim. While government and public office holders see themselves as 'king-gods'; not answerable to non, richest man by embezzlement, sit-tight in office until death, they sure need a magical therapy dancer to cure them of the stealing syndrome and kleptomanic tendency. Carljin, you're needed.