Monday, September 15, 2008

Ever heard of a nude radio advert

Nigerians--are we ever tired of creating new things? A religious leader recently asked the federal government to ban all nude adverts on the Nigerian newspapers, magazines, TV and radio. I have been wondering how a radio advert can be nude. I assume my ears aren't working as well my eyes. That's why I see nudity but don't hear it.


Adeniyi said...

May be not that your ears are not working well. think the cleric is clairvoyant, may be another gift of the spirit. so visit his church to catch the anointing

mexy said...

Is it not u? u always hear your own on the reverse. anyway, i know u know it is more of a figure of speech.

Akin said...


The deeper issue here is the way religious disgust is trying to enforce a situation where legislators might be compelled to enact morality laws.

The society might be very religious but the society out there is neither a mosque nor a church, we should resist the attempt to extent the walls of our religious buildings and the remit of our religious leaders beyond where they should really be.


- Visiting your blog from an introduction of an old student of yours.

Ayobami Ojebode said...

Thanks, Akin, for visiting & for your comments. I agree with you. That someone can say a radio advert is nude already smacks of a religious no-holds-barred. Of course I dislike eroticism but I in fact abhor enforcing my own religious standards on others. We must draw the line at some point.

doris favour esemuze said...

Couldn't stop laughing when I read this. Nudity on radio indeed!

However on second thoughts, he probably meant to say erotic, not neccesarily nude advertising should be banned.

So on that note, I can asssure you that radio can be an interesting medium/tool of eroticism. Radio is very powerful and all you need do as a writer is use very strong, powerful words, relevant sound effects and imagery to draw whatever picture, visual or image you want to leave on the minds of the listeners. And hey presto! You are spot on erotic.

The ear is a vital entry point of stuff into our minds and consequently our lives. And that is exactly what every advert wants to achieve!

Need I remind us of the former Guinness commercials by Lintas Lagos? Erotic- they were and they were "just" radio commercials. I rest my case.

Edidiong said...

That sounds funny, may be the religious leader should clarify what he means by that, or does he think we all see from the fouth dimension?

Anonymous said...

Doris, this is profound. And am I is from a wordsmith!