Monday, September 22, 2008

Today’s Tears for Timi—by Doris Favor Esemuze

Timipreye Agbadaebi Zinzinghan was my graduate student. Timi was unusual in kindness, outstanding in grace, firm but friendly. She ignited everywhere with her charm and smiles. Timi fell ill and died in July 2008. I rallied her old classmates together and between us went about 100 emails of lamentations and admonition. Among the best is the one posted here, written by Doris Favor Esemuze, one of Timi’s two closest friends and an elegant word-smith. Doris is my guest on this page. Click here to read the piece.


Anonymous said...

So so sad! I can understand what it means to miss a dear one to the cold hands of death. I always think that one thing does not go well with human beings and that is the fact that some people do not get old before they pass on, but what can we do? May God give us the grace to bear it whenever we are faced with that urgly situation.

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